Mission of the Ministry

Merimnao is a nonprofit Spirit-led ministry to the brokenhearted and offers Christ-centered solutions to fulfill our vision and mission. The organization is composed of individual sub-ministries that work harmoniously and in unity in Christ to achieve a common purpose of serving others primarily in the Katy and West Houston area by providing free support groups to those experiencing troubles and burdens. Merimnao serves its community as a missional organization, and as part of the body of Christ, with no denominational affiliation and without partiality to race, creed, faith or social standing.


  • Our mission is to provide and maintain a safe environment for the brokenhearted, through community, support and the application of God’s word so that they can find healing from their troubles, anxieties, fears and burdens.


  • Our vision is that every family or individual in the Katy and West Houston area seeking renewal, restoration, and reconciliation can find the Christ-centered support they need at any day or time.

Some Explanation

The core work of the ministry leadership team is to develop and maintain a place where individuals who are called to care for others can do their ministering activities.  The Merimnao leadership is focused on providing a safe environment and the resources needed for hurting people to come for healing.

The major focus of the leadership team is to provide physical locations, in-depth training, support and biblical guidance to ministry facilitators and volunteers.


Volunteers who work with the broken-hearted are accountable for their activities to the leadership of Merimnao.

The leadership of the ministry is responsible to the leadership of The Fellowship, and directly report to the Pastor of Discipleship.

Merimnao is a ministry founded at The Fellowship.