Material & Financial Needs

Financial Needs
All of our activities and services are free to the individuals who chose to come to us for support.  We have been able to offer this to our community because we receive financial support from two main sources:

  • Donations by individuals who have been helped give to the ministry in appreciation for what God has done for them through it.
  • Donations by individuals and businesses who believe in what we are doing, how we are doing it, and the people who serve in it.


As we expand, our financial needs will increase for the following two reasons:

  • We plan to employ one or two people to work full and/or part-time to expand the ministries reach.
  • We plan to either own or possibly rent, a facility for the exclusive use of our groups.

We, therefore, have both a capital need and an ongoing operating need.  Money can be donated on a monthly basis or on an ad hoc basis.  Individuals, churches or businesses can donate to any of these three accounts:

  1. Operating Account
  2. Capital Account
  3. Benevolence Account

Dollars donated on an unspecified basis go 50% to operations and 50% to our capital account.

Donate by Check: Checks can be made out to The Fellowship and specify “Merimnao” in the memo section or to”Merimnao Healing Ministries” (or Merimnao for short). In either case, checks can be mailed to:

Merimnao Healing Ministries, Inc.
c/o The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch
22765 Westheimer Parkway
Katy, TX  77450

Donate by Credit Card: Simply click the donate button and pay via PayPal.

Donate Button with Credit Cards


Other Material Needs

If you are able to donate or provide financial assistance for the below items, please email us at

  • A desktop computer with a large flatscreen  monitor
  • A laser printer
  • A color printer
  • A laptop computer
  • Software; Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat
  • New books for our library


Financial Statement

For a copy of our financial statement, please e-mail a request to