Nikao – Women’s Sexual Abuse Support

NNikao multiple flowers_v2ikao is a support group for women who have experienced a spectrum of non-consensual sexual mistreatment in their lives. This ranges from unwanted sexual advances or sexual abuse as a minor or adult — this includes forcible sex and rape.

In this group you will meet other women like you; women who have been touched, abused, molested, once or more, at some point in their lives.

The purpose of this group is to encourage women who have experienced trauma in any way from planned or unplanned sexual activity. Abuse can happen once, or it can happen multiple times. Any woman who has experienced these things is welcomed to join the group.

Nikao is a safe place to come and share, be supported, loved, and heard by women who have had similar experiences. View this as a divine appointment with God. If you are nervous about attending, give yourself some grace to come and experience whatever God has for you here. Do not let fear or anxiety keep you away.

Meeting Times
For meetings and times, please visit our Meetings Schedule page. Childcare is available with registration.

For more information please contact us at