About Groups

Groups come in many shapes and sizes. They can be large, having 50 or more members, to small, having just 3 members. An example of a large group would be a 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and a small group would be a 3 person men’s sexual addiction accountability group.

Some groups will focus on support and comfort of its members, others deal with personal issues, and other focus on the maintenance of newly learned functional behaviors. Here are some examples:

  • A support group could be a breast cancer support group, or maybe a “spouses of partners who have had extramarital affairs” group.
  • Maintenance groups may cover staying out of debt or remaining sober from drugs or alcohol.
  • Personal issue groups could focus on dealing with pornography or gambling.


For a list of our groups, meeting times and locations please visit our Meetings Schedule page.

All group or general ministry questions can be directed to info@merimnao.org.