Counseling Services

On September 1, 2018, Merimnao Healing Ministry (Merimnao) launched its Subsidized Counseling Services Program (SCSP) for group members.

Many group members and attendees desire or need further counseling or therapy in combination with support and growth groups. However, in many instances, they are faced with insurance, cost or other barriers which prevent them from receiving the additional support they need. Therefore, we are partnering with several local clinicians, counselors, and mental health professionals to launch the SCSP. This program will provide our members with a cost-effective way to access local Christ-based counselors in the Katy and West Houston area. By implementing this program positive impacts to our community include:

  • Promotion of mental health care as an essential aspect of health: Providing immediate care to those who are hurting who normally otherwise not seek care due to cost or insurance barriers
  • Economic growth: Providing our local clinicians, counselors and mental health professionals a steady stream of referrals and possibly future business
  • Spiritual strengthening: Strengthening the local faith-based community by providing a path to better mental and spiritual health for its members

How to qualify?

It’s easy, simply attend a Merimnao group or meeting at least two times a month and attendees automatically qualify. Group facilitators automatically qualify for this program.

What’s the cost?

Through the SCSP, qualified members will pay $25/session and up to 5 sessions per year and 5 additional sessions at $100/session (still at a discounted rate). Merimnao, through generous donations, will cover the rest of the costs through an agreement with participating clinicians, counselors, and mental health professionals.

What type of services are offered?

Currently, we have over 10 participating clinicians, counselors and mental health professionals committed to our program and who are certified in their area of expertise. Their services range from specializations in drug and alcohol addiction, sex and pornography addiction, marriage, affair recovery, depression/bipolar/anxiety/ADHD disorders, grief, trauma, parenting, child and adolescent care, adult care and more.

Need more information or would like to join our referral list?

Please contact Merimnao’s Executive Director at