Recap of our visit to Serenity Light Recovery

On May 2, 2018, Merimnao leadership had the opportunity to visit and tour Serenity Light Recovery Center, a new full-service recovery facility that opened a little over one year ago in Angleton, Texas. Here are a few highlights from our visit:


The Basics

Serenity Light Recovery is located a few miles north of Angleton, Texas, in the countryside.  It offers up to 52 residential recovery beds and is a co-gender facility that works with drug and alcohol users and addicts.  They are a residential care facility, operate an integrated detox unit and an offer an IOP (intensive out-patient) program that includes family as desired or needed.  The programming incorporates the 12-step philosophy as well as evidence-based treatment via both group and individual therapy. Clients can expect individualized treatment that focuses on addiction. A faith-based track is also available.


Clinical Matters

Admitted individuals get an individualized treatment plan that includes industry-standard care, a 12-Step program orientation and some more innovative activities.  Examples of this include art therapy, exercise therapy, biofeedback and massage therapy.

Detox is done under medical supervision with 24-hour nursing care.  A dietician was employed to oversee the nutritional aspects of care.



We noted that about 80% of the staff is in recovery themselves.  They were familiar with and believed in the 12-Step approach and were fulfilling their own 12th step through working at this facility. Staff members are qualified within their own academic discipline, with one minor exception, and that was in the process of being fixed.


Faith Aspects

This is of considerable importance to us (Merimnao) as we are a Christ-centered ministry.  We found that the Christian faith was well integrated into the programs and that they included optional bible study activities and a faith-based track to success.  They also seemed to be living into the value of accepting that others may not be believers in Christ.  We are comfortable with this facility from a faith perspective.


Other Thoughts

The facility was clean and orderly.  We toured the whole facility to be well kept; this is not always true of rehabs!  All of the staff were friendly; even though we met people who didn’t know who we were, they interacted well.  The center layout was obviously thoughtfully planned out.

The facility has only been in operation for a little over a year, so there is not a lot of historical data available on success rates.  However, to date, they have had approximately a little over 200 graduates. The cost for a 30-day stay at Serenity Light is comparable with other treatment centers in the greater-Houston area for this type of operation.


Our overall impressions are that we would rate this drug and alcohol recovery facility as above average. For more information, please visit the Serenity Light Recovery website at or call (844) 9-SERENITY.