The leadership of each separate sub-ministry can be contacted by visiting the Meetings Schedule page.  General ministry questions can be e-mailed to info@merimnao.org and questions for the director can be e-mailed to director@merimnao.org.

Since Merimnao is a Christ-based recovery ministry, leaders within the ministry must be followers of Christ.  As we follow Christ, the Holy Spirit will reveal to us what He wills us to do as we demonstrate our faith in Him and His finished work.  It is His will, not ours. We believe that each of our leaders is called by God through the Spirit to serve others through Merimnao.  We have a simple process for selecting and admitting those who want to serve as leadership:

  1. They must agree with our Statement of Faith.
  2. They must go through an interview with at least two of our current leaders.  In this interview, they must demonstrate openness and honesty about their life through a personal testimony and demonstrate they have a clear understanding of what God is asking of them.
  3. They must complete our 6-hour Basic Facilitator Training class.
  4. They must sign our Code of Conduct document.
  5. They must agree to be accountable to the general leadership of Merimnao, and their sub-ministry leaders.

Serving others through Merimnao is an honor and a privilege granted by God to those He calls, and w, therefore, regard it as a sacred work. All our work is done only in the context of Christ-centeredness, Spirit empowerment and to the glory of the Father.  We cannot lead others into truth unless we first follow!


Who We Are Not

Merimnao leaders or volunteers are not therapists or counselors. Formal psychological therapy is conducted by counselors who are individually licensed by The State of Texas. Merimnao maintains a separate fund to assist troubled individuals in the cost of counseling, and a list of local counselors is available from the ministry administrator.